About Us

What We Do

Red Door Houses LLC has over 12 years of experience as wholesalers. With such a huge network of investors, we have streamlined the process to meet the criterion buyers look for. No two situations are the same. So we walk a fine line in meeting these demands and those of the seller. We have established a network where both sellers and investors benefit.

Our mission is to find the best deal on a house. Get the house under contract. Find a buyer for the house. Assign the contract to the buyer or complete a double close. The wholesaler keeps the difference between the two prices

Helping people is our vision. From those that desperately need to sell their homes While at the same time making sure those we buy from end up in a much better situation than they were headed for.

What Investors Look For

To Costly To Refurbish

Homes in Need of Any kind of Serious Repair 


We Can Help When Time is Running Out


Abandon or You Live Out of Town